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In 1237 the Coat of Arms of the Wavrins was already in existence and is now recognized by the Dutch, Belgian and French governments. In 1859 the title "Le Villiers" was added to the name Wavrin, Duke of Belgium. This was possibly due to marriage or a great service done to the country.

The crest consists of the unicorn with the motto "Moins que lepas" blazoned in blue and white. A letter received in 1971 from the Mayor of the Ville de Wavrin indicated that the name Waverijn underwent many changes:

1107 - Wavring
1147 - 1152 Wafrin
1193 - Waverin
1209 - Wavering

These names are also known in Belgium. Because the Waverijns did not belong to the Catholic Church, there are no records in the church archives. There was a fort, but it was destroyed during World War I. City Hall in Ville de Wavrin was destroyed in World War II and all important papers were lost. Kasteel
There are no more living people by the name of Wavrin in Ville de Wavrin.
The following information was taken out of a book "Collection of the Chronicles and Ancient histories of Great Britain, now Called England" by John de Wavrin, Lord of Forestel.
John (bastard) of Wavrin, was an illegitimate child of a noble family of Artois, France. His father, the head of the House of Wavrin, Robert, Lord of Wavrin and of Liliers was killed in the Battle of
Azincourt. John the Wavrin was also in that battle on the side of the French. He stayed in the army until the Treaty of Arras in 1435. His nephew, Waleran, Lord of Wavrin, Liliers, Malonnoy and Saint Venant, undertook the writing collection (1445-1455) and compiled the memorials for his chronicles of Britain. Continuing until the death of King Henry IV, they wrote a fifth volume.
John de Wavrin was born in 1394 and died in 1474 at the age of eighty.
Count and Countess Wavrin fled in 1685 from France to Holland. They were Hugenots and were forbidden to practice their religion.
On May 5, 1795 Jan Joosse Waverijn married Elena Stroosnijder and came to live in Krabbendijke. Their dates of birth and death are unknown. They had a son:
Dignus Waverijn born january 4. 1803 in Krabbendijke, died May 1.1890 in Kruiningen. He was married to Elisabeth van de Sande, born August 18.1814 in Breskens, died August 29. 1882 in Kruiningen.
They had eleven children, ten of them were born in Kruiningen, Province of Zeeland:

  1. Helena Geb. 05.04.1835 in Krabbendijke, overl. 29.07.1838 in Kruiningen.
  2. Jannetje
Geb. 30.03.1838 in Kruiningen, overl. 05.05.1925,
gehuwd met Johannes Boone [dertien kinderen].
  3. Jan
Geb. 16.08.1839 in Kruiningen, overl. 27.03.1920,
gehuwd met Adriana Jacomina Harms [negen kinderen].
  4. Jeroon
Geb. 15.09.1841 in Kruiningen, overl. 03.03.1919,
gehuwd met Geertruida Schrier [vier kinderen],
gehuwd met Ida Barbera Steenblok [drie kinderen].
  5. Joost
Geb. 17.05.1844 in Kruiningen, overl. 08-02.1920,
gehuwd met Pieternella van Liere [vier kinderen].
  6. Helena
Geb. 26.01.1847 in Kruiningen, overl. 29.08.1919,
gehuwd met Marinus Baveco [vier kinderen].
  7. Maria
Geb. 28.10.1849 in Kruiningen, overl. 14.07.1892,
gehuwd met Jan Dek [vier kinderen].
  8. Abraham Geb. 31.12.1850 in Kruiningen, overl. 16.01.1939.
  9. Matthijs
Geb. 11.03.1852 in Kruiningen, overl. 31.08.1928,
gehuwd met Maria Cok [zes kinderen].
10. Jacob Geb. en overl. 31.08.1853 in Kruiningen.
11. Izaak
Geb. 30.07.1856 in Kruiningen, overl. 05.01.1887,
gehuwd met Suzanna Wilhelmina Visscher [twee kinderen].


Johanna Jolijna Snoodijk

geb. 12.10.1884 te 's H.H.Kinderen
overl. 31.12.1959 te Kruiningen
dochter van Adriaan Abraham Snoodijk
en Janna de Schipper

Cornelis Waverijn

geb. 30.04.1884 te Kruiningen
overl. 11.02.1960 te Goes
zoon van Jeroon Waverijn
en Ida Barbara Steenblok


Het gezin Waverijn met op de bovenste rij van links naar rechts: Jer, Janna en Ida.
Op de onderste rij, eveneens van links naar rechts Jan, Ad en Ko.

Oma waverijn


Johanna Jolijna Snoodijk-Waverijn
1. Jeroon

geb. 12.04.1910 te Kruiningen,
overl. 19.03.1967 te Sprang Capelle,

gehuwd met Elizabeth Thomina Hollestelle.
(06-05-1909 / 13-03-2001)
[een kind]
2. Janna

geb. 12.04.1912 te Kruiningen,
overl. 23.11.1971 te 's-Gravenhage,
gehuwd met Fran├žois Hermanus Steketee.
(17-06-1913 / 28-08-1987)
[zes kinderen]
3. Ida Barbera

geb. 29.05.1914 te Kruiningen,
overl. 15.06.2001 te Middelburg,
gehuwd met Maarten Verdonk.
(20-05-1913 / 21-06-1984)
[zes kinderen]
4. Adriaan Abraham

geb. 16.01.1916 te Kruiningen,
overl. 13.09.1994 te Den Burg,

gehuwd met Jacoba Lous.
(03-02-1917 / 16-09-2007)
[twee kinderen]
5. Jan Dingenus

geb. 05.02.1918 te Kruiningen,
overl. 03.06.1967 te Rotterdam,
gehuwd met Cornelie Knegt.
(26-10-1913 / 09-01-2009)
[drie kinderen]
6. Jacobus

geb. 23.11.1920 te Kruiningen,
overl. 29.03.1980 te Goes,

gehuwd met Janneke Lena Hovestadt.
(14-02-1921 / 16-01-2017)
[twee kinderen]
7. Jannetje Jozina

geb. 24.07.1928 te Kruiningen,
overl. 10.01.2000 te Yerseke,

gehuwd met Pieter Cornelis Vette.
(22-08-1928 / 24-05-2014)
[twee kinderen]

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